IGN Hints at Upcoming Star Wars Games 24 Jan, 2004, 12:09 / 4 comments

Does IGN know something we don't? Well, most likely yes, but what about all things concerning LucasArts? In its "Most Anticipated Games of 2004" article, IGN lists Knights of the Old Republic 2 (though not from Bioware), Rebel X (a compilation of Nintendo Star Wars games), and a mystery Episode III game in which you play as Darth Vader.

Additionally, we at Mojo have heard a few rumors of this Darth Vader game as well, and that it may or may not be the pet project of Jon Knoles. In case you're unaware, Knoles previously wrote and directed Bounty Hunter, which was another game developed concurrently with the production of a Star Wars film.


  • LGH on 24 Jan, 2004, 15:38…
    How stupid would LucasArts have to be for not working with Bioware again for KOTOR2? After all, KOTOR was one of the most successfull games LucasArts has published in the last year!
  • jp-30 on 24 Jan, 2004, 16:02…
    Don't fret. From;

    [i]KOTOR 2
    No one can deny the significance of having Knights of the Old Republic exclusively (on consoles anyways) available for the Xbox. Not only is it one of the only RPGs for the big black behemoth, but it's one of the best RPGs to come out in recent memory on any console. And then there's the sales numbers. The game has not only experienced incredible sales, to the tune of 600,000 units and counting, but it's also lead to increased Xbox sales, however minor. System-selling quality indeed.

    A logical action to take after such success is to start planning the game's successor, and apparently, KOTOR 2 is under development. A few sources have already reported that the sequel has been greenlighted for a late 2004 or early 2005 release, and that the game's storyline - which is to take place many years after KOTOR's --will include a completely new cast of characters. But what few people are aware of is that the game is not being developed internally at BioWare, but in Orange County at Obsidian Entertainment. (At least that's what we hear.)

    What? Who's this Obsidian Entertainment? Never heard of them? Well, search back through the files in your skull and you may remember an announcement made by BioWare back in August. The company announced a commitment to collaborate on future PC and console titles with Obsidian. Here's a quick refresher:

    "BioWare is currently in the fortunate position of having more attractive looking opportunities on the table than we're capable of implementing while staying true to our fans' expectations of a quality gaming experience. We think several of these opportunities have the potential for critical and commercial success and are interested in exploring ways in which BioWare can expand its capacity to bring these projects to market," said Dr. Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO, BioWare Corp.
    "BioWare is interested in establishing relationships with credible development studios that have the desire and capability to implement projects consistent with our quality expectations. Obsidian represents a perfect example of this strategy. We're very pleased to have the chance to work with teams which have a demonstrated track record of developing world class titles," commented Dr. Ray Muzyka, Joint CEO, BioWare Corp.

    "A collaboration with BioWare gives Obsidian the opportunity to explore development projects on established game franchises with proven technology and brand loyalty from the fan community. This is an excellent opportunity for a new studio looking to make an immediate impact in the market," said Feargus Urquhart, CEO, Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.

    For BioWare - a company with a very respectable track record - to hand over the next KOTOR game to another company, it would have to trust them unquestionably. Fortunately for Obsidian, BioWare does. Founded by five industry veterans who've worked on a number of well-known games including Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Fallout, MDK 2 and Planescape: Torment, BioWare has every reason to trust them, especially considering the number of BioWare titles in the development studio's resume.

    Also indicative of the studio's work on KOTOR 2 is the quote from Urquhart where he mentions that Obisidian will be working on "?established game franchises with proven technology and brand loyalty from the fan community," and the company's website where it mentions that "Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on an unannounced role-playing game for PC and console systems." Though both BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment have only responded with "no comments," and have not confirmed nor denied this rumor, all clues point to Obsidian being the developer.
  • LGH on 25 Jan, 2004, 09:51…
    So LucasArts still contracts Bioware, and then Bioware contracts another company. That still would mean Bioware wouldn't develop the game.
  • Jake on 25 Jan, 2004, 13:39…
    Its a studio BioWare trusts, its a studio filled with people with good track records. That's probably fine. I wouldn't be surprised if BioWare wanted to do their own thing now after years of making KOTOR, and suggested to LEC that they use Obsidian.