I vant to suck your blooood 20 Nov, 2005, 00:34 / 3 comments

With the opening of the new Vampyre Story forums some details about the game have emerged or, at least, been confirmed. Here?s a low-down:

  • There will definitely be a PC version, and the game might also be released on PS2, Xbox PSP or DS.
  • The controls will be point and click on the PC but full control on any console versions that might get made.
  • Autumn Moon are still at the pre-production stage working on the ?characters designs, scripts, puzzles designs, rough backgrounds, colour scripts, 2D mock ups, and technology tests, etc.? as well as still looking for a decent publisher.
  • No release date has been given, but Bill Tiller is really hoping for the game to be finished in 2006. Fingers crossed!
  • The game will be 3D but ?not in the way you think?; the plan is to utilise multilane camera technology that places 2D painted backdrops on 3D planes, giving the detail of 2D but the depth of 3D. The characters will all be full 3D on top of that.

    Naturally these details may yet change as Vampyre Story moves into full production, but for the moment at least we have an idea about what Autumn Moon are aiming for. Read more and keep up to date via the gothic-tastic forums.

    • zebulon on 20 Nov, 2005, 10:47…
      Still in pre-production after all those months? That's kinda long.
    • Udvarnoky on 20 Nov, 2005, 21:55…
      Can't enter production without a publisher.
    • Gabez on 20 Nov, 2005, 14:18…
      Yeah, but the reason behind this seems to be that Bill wants to make the best game possible and these days that means getting a good budget, which takes time as publishers are much less willing to invest in adventure games...