Hitman Threepwood, That's The Headline 02 Aug, 2022 / 1 comment

You might not consider Hitman 3 fertile ground for a Monkey Island easter egg, but with the launch of the new extra-piratey location, Ambrose Island, that has very much changed.

Eurogamer reports of a gravestone in the level, for one "G Threepwood, Mighty Pirate," and not only that, an associated treasure hunt you can engage in to dig up some treasure from our favourite swashbuckler's grave.

Apparently they do it in this very long video, but I took literally minutes to look through it and couldn't find it, so I'll leave that as a little challenge for YOU, the reader.


Source: Eurogamer


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    Unicornfoal on 04 Aug, 2022, 05:37…
    It's at the 1 hour 22 minute mark, for future reference. :)

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