Hector Celebrates Oktoberfest by Getting Into a Bundle 28 Sep, 2012 / 0 comments

There's few things that Detective Inspector Hector enjoys more than drinking down enough pints to get himself sloshed. So, it's only fitting that The Indie Royale Oktoberfest Bundle includes the Straandlooper developed and Telltale published adventure game series Hector: Badge of Carnage.

You can pay whatever you want for the bundle as long as you meet the minimum price (currently just over $5.50 USD). The other games in the bundle include Chime, Adventures of Shuggy, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble!, The Network, and the bonus game The Witch's Yarn. If you pay more than $8.00 USD, you will also get the music albums Calm Your Nerves and Chip unDeath.


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