Has the curse of the Pharaoh taken out Campo Santo's new game? 22 Nov, 2019 / 5 comments

In the last few days a reporter at PC Gamer has noticed several strange goings-on at Campo Santo, the game developer started in part by ex-Telltale and ex-Mojo Jake Rodkin. They report some disappearances of mentions of the game-in-progress Valley of the Gods:

...recent changes in the Twitter bios of three of its lead developers—Firewatch producer and 3D environment artist Jane Ng, art director Claire Hummel, and Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin—has some followers worried that the game has been canceled.

A check of the Internet Archive confirms that the changes were made relatively recently. The Twitter bios of Ng and Hummel both indicated that they were working on In the Valley of Gods as recently as October 2019, while Rodkin's bio made the same reference up to September. All three now indicate simply that they are employed by Valve.

But they also point out that the game website is still up, as its Steam holding page. Jake could clear this up, but what are the odds of that?

Source: PC Gamer



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    Kolzig on 27 Nov, 2019, 18:42…
    In the Valley of Gods is basically on hiatus, just like the Idle Thumbs podcast.

    They are all working on HL: ALyx and then who knows what comes after that.

    I just hope ItVoG will someday be released, but that might take many years.
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    AlfredJ on 24 Nov, 2019, 10:01…
    Looking at Twitter it seems all/most the team has been doing some work on that new Half-Life game? Which is cool and doesn't have to mean anything else, but if Valve is looking to get back into bigger single player experiences, I can see Campo moving to those games internally?
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    jp-30 on 24 Nov, 2019, 00:48…
    Trying to stay optimistic, maybe there's some legal wrangling to be done given the forthcoming movie of the same name?
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    Jones Jr on 23 Nov, 2019, 23:34…
    There is still a link to it from the Development Blog and Store pages, but they feel more of an oversight than confirmation that it is still a thing. Who knows? Maybe VotG's storyline got that little bit too close to Half Life 3?
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    Jason on 23 Nov, 2019, 21:10…
    Nevermind Twitter -- the fact that mention of the game was unceremoniously stripped from the Campo Santo web site is goddamn ominous, and damages my faith that the game was parked rather than vaporized.

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