Hal Barwood gets UHD treatment with Dragonslayer 4K 03 Feb, 2023 / 1 comment

The knowledgeable know that before he joined the ranks of his younger buddy George's game studio, Hal Barwood belonged to the same filmmaking cohort as Lucas, befriending him at USC and going on to serve as animator on Lucas's first feature THX 1138.

Hal often worked alongside his writing partner Matthew Robbins, with their credits including such screenplays as The Sugarland Express, MacArthur and an uncredited contribution to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The crown jewel of their collaboration was the cult classic Dragonslayer, which Robbins himself directed from their script. The film is a highlight of 1980s fantasy, with its uncompromisingly filthy 6th century vision and a dragon which celebrity uber-dorks like Guillermo del Toro and George R.R. Martin consider live action cinema's most iconic.

Being a Paramount/Disney co-production that didn't set the box office on fire, fans haven't held their breath on the film receiving the special treatment it deserves in the arena of home video, but sometimes the wheel turns favorably, and a handsome-looking 4K Blu-ray package freighted with extras is arriving on March 21st. Presuming Paramount didn't get cute and de-grain this earthy masterpiece, we're in for a real treat.

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    Kroms on 04 Feb, 2023, 22:17…
    Loving the design. It's rekindled my strange, uncharacteristic desire to see a great fantasy film on the big screen that isn't Lord of the Rings.

    (Dragonslayer was a confusing movie. I saw it a year or two ago and couldn't puzzle out who it was aimed at, nor what the script was trying to achieve.)

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