Guybrush Threepwood, King of the Interwebs and Wiiware 01 Sep, 2009, 23:44 / 7 comments

If you're bored, why don't you go to Gamespot and vote for Guybrush Threepwood as the world's greatest video game hero? He's up against that smart-pants Wanderer from the (admittedly magnificent) Shadow of the Colossus, but who the hell votes in a guy with possible ties to Equus and not a mighty (but married!) pirate?

Go, go.

Oh, and TMI Chapter 2 has hit Wiiware. Yay...for late reporting.

And finally, you may be happy to know that visiting Mixnmojo no longer funds human trafficking. That's two things!
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  • clone2727 on 02 Sep, 2009, 04:16…
    Kyle Katarn deserves some Mojo love too!
  • Giygas on 02 Sep, 2009, 00:18…
    Guybrush is losing. :(

    I'm going to say that this is only because they used a butt-ugly picture of Guybrush from the Special Edition.
  • Lagomorph on 02 Sep, 2009, 08:47…
    I second that!
  • Icebox on 02 Sep, 2009, 00:15…
    I voted for Wander. Sorry Mojo. :(
  • Kroms on 02 Sep, 2009, 00:24…
    This was an orphanage.

    A puppy orphange.

    (But to be honest, matching Guybrush against The Wanderer, or even Ico, is very silly. They're as different as you can get. I mean, I love Fumito Ueda as much as I love what Mojo covers, but as characters, The Wanderer and Guybrush are...well. I guess it's good they didn't match him against Sonic or something.)
  • Icebox on 02 Sep, 2009, 04:47…
    Except then he would've won. Everyone Hates Sonic.
  • Kroms on 02 Sep, 2009, 11:00…
    I was using that as a way of pointing-out how silly these match-ups are. Gamespot needs to let go of this fanboy mentality.