Grossman talks moles, mobs and meatballs 17 Jan, 2007, 20:25 / 1 comments

ActionTrip recently chatted with Dave Grossman about the Sam & Max games, including the soon to be released third episode.
ActionTrip: Without revealing too much of the plot, can you tell us what Ep. 3 is about?

Dave Grossman: Sam and Max go in search of a missing mole and have to infiltrate the Toy Mafia to find him. There are gruff guys in pin-stripe suits and an antique meatball sandwich, and Sam has to shoot somebody he likes.
If Sam shooting somebody isn't enough to make you read the rest, there's no help for you.

Update: If you're done with that one and think you can somehow handle more, why not check out this other Dave Grossman interview courtesy of the crazy knuckleknobs at ComputerAndVideoGames?

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  • Capn_Nacho on 17 Jan, 2007, 23:14…
    From the interview: "Off the top of my head I'm also quite fond of P.G. Wodehouse, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Bill Watterson, Kyle Baker, Richard Feynman, and whomever I happen to be reading at the moment."

    KYLE BAKER, eh!? The author of "Plastic Man: Continuity Bandits"? Which features Plastic Man shouting the line "Abraham Lincoln MUST DIE!"?

    Well by gosh, the clues are just stacking up, aren't they!? ...I need to get a life, don't I?!