Grossman grosses out with Halloween pumpkin 26 Oct, 2021 / 2 comments

It wouldn't be Halloween in a week if Dave Grossman wasn't carving a pumpkin up into something delightfully grotesque, would it? Take a look at the latest addition to the Pumpkin House of Horrors.

Update: Turns out Mixnmojo's already covered this news item, making this a scenic route towards that obligatory second link.

Source: Phrenopolis



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    Kroms on 26 Oct, 2021, 15:41…


    Double post! Jason beat you to it.

    Thank goodness someone on this website is literate. Not sure how I didn't see that.

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    salty-horse on 26 Oct, 2021, 15:37…
    Double post! Jason beat you to it.

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