Grim Fandango Remastered Demoed at Indiecade 11 Oct, 2014 / 11 comments

Double Fine's remastered version of Tim Schafer's magnum opus of his LucasArts years, Grim Fandango, was demoed at Indiecade. Game journalists have played that demo and shared their thoughts.

IGN describes the new version as follows:

You have the ability to toggle back and forth between how the game originally looked, and how it looks now, and holy moly the difference is night and day. Thanks to the new lighting, shaders, and other technical enhancements that flew way over my head, Manny and company now look incredible. Their in-game models appear to be nearly identical to their cut-scene counterparts, which is great. The game is still presented in 4:3, but you have the ability to stretch it to widescreen (for the love of everything good, please don’t do this). The borders are black right now, but I was told that the developers are toying with some ideas for what could stand on the two sides of the screen.

In addition, Double Fine has also added some bonus features to the game:

The final big change I stumbled across was the awesome inclusion of nodes scattered throughout the world that contain small snippets of commentary from Tim Schafer, Peter Chan, Peter McConnell, and a ton of other folks who helped make the game so special back in 1998.

Polygon has also shared their thoughts on the demo, and have confirmed that the original's tank controls will be an option for the purists who prefer to play the game that way.

It looks like Grim Fandango Remastered is shaping up to be great. The rest of us will get a chance to play it for ourselves once it's released in early 2015.


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    Nor Treblig on 19 Oct, 2014, 15:33…


    Here is an actual screencap:

    Looks good! Though I don't understand the purpose of that classic-mode when the background doesn't change too. But maybe this isn't implemented just yet.
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    manny_c44 on 18 Oct, 2014, 02:13…
    Here is an actual screencap:
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    Nor Treblig on 15 Oct, 2014, 23:34…


    From what we can tell, they've not updated the character models one iota. It's just textures and lighting changes. That's it.

    I liked the graphics back then, I don't really need a reinterpretation of the graphics. So if they are going the easy route mainly using just higher quality source material from then + better 3D engine and improved usability I'm fine with that.

    The big plus is that it will be re-released (at all) and also on many different (and current) platforms, so other generations can play it too.

    This game deserves to be played and until now it was hard to even purchase it and some never played it because they didn't like the controls.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 15 Oct, 2014, 15:54…
    From what we can tell, they've not updated the character models one iota. It's just textures and lighting changes. That's it.
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    manny_c44 on 14 Oct, 2014, 03:21…
    From what I've read they are not recreating any backgrounds (and possibly no animations?) They have the original source files and they are either rerendering them or using original game renders that were larger than the 1998 display resution (very probable) as I'm sure the renders passed through Photoshop before they were put in game and they artists would have worked on an image larger than the final output.
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    Shmargin on 13 Oct, 2014, 21:46…
    The only thing I can complain about is the fact that it's only 4:3 with a stretch option. Seems like they would have to be recreating all the scenes all over again anyways, why not create a few additional inches of background on either side of the screen, so you can play it in full screen without bars or filler images taking up space on my fancy screen.

    I'm buying it anyways, but still. Wide screen makes me happy .
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    Jason on 13 Oct, 2014, 21:29…
    Pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear.
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    elTee on 13 Oct, 2014, 16:12…
    I can't wait to play Grim Fandango, sounds great :)
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    SurplusGamer on 12 Oct, 2014, 20:45…
    Mm, they haven't talked about a summer release since over a year ago. Latest news is they're aiming for the end of the year, and it's been that way for months.

    About a week ago, there was a tweet to the effect that they're still aiming for the end of the year.
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    Jennifer on 11 Oct, 2014, 21:37…
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    Kolzig on 11 Oct, 2014, 19:51…
    I hope Tim actually does finish The Broken Age also at some point. Promised summer release never hapöened and they seem to be having so so many projects on going at the same time...

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