Greg Rice departs Double Fine 18 Nov, 2019 / 3 comments

Quoth the Jason, “The bloodletting begins.”

Greg Rice, Double Fine’s VP of business development and arguably their second most recognizable face, has left the company for a “new position elsewhere in the game industry.” A tweet string makes it pretty clear there is no bad blood behind the departure, though it seems somewhat prudent to speculate if the recent Microsoft acquisition would have changed his responsibilities within the company. And that’s what we do. Speculate.


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    Kolzig on 27 Nov, 2019, 18:44…
    The end of an era basically. Greg Rice and Tim Schafer basically were the true Double Fine for me.

    Here I just hope DF will continue to exist and make a successful big game (Psychonauts 2 hopefully would be that one) and Microsoft will never shut them down.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 18 Nov, 2019, 19:53…
    Ah crap. I hope this isn’t as bad as it seems. DoubleFine have just needed one incredibly fun gameplay mechanic, a likeable and iconic central character, and Tim’s writing would have taken care of the rest. They deserved their Half-Life, their GTA, or what have you. I hope they get it one day. Maybe MS is what they need.

    And then Tim will leave to set up another independent studio with all the money, so he has control of his characters again X-)
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    AlfredJ on 18 Nov, 2019, 15:26…
    Damn, hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come. Greg felt like an essential part of Double Fine. Still, all the best to Greg. I'm sure he has many great things in his future.

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