Glad to see the beard's back 22 Feb, 2009, 23:44 / 3 comments

Mojo's favorite suit, Telltale CEO Dan Connors, was recently interviewed by Joystiq in the wake of Telltale's recent announcement of the Wallace & Gromit release specifics. The lengthy Q&A is highly recommended reading due to the new information learned (including an interesting tidbit about the Wallace & Gromit demo) and the wide range of topics covered.
Obviously Wallace & Gromit is an existing IP. Sam & Max is an existing IP. Bone is. Strong Bad is. Any plans for you guys to do original IPs in the future?

Well, in the future, we plan to be around for a long time and right now we are really starting on getting the channel set up, getting the engine moved to the different platforms, getting a real distribution channel that allows us to self publish, and once we have that kind of reach, and hopefully a type of brand recognition for Telltale that allows us to sell enough units to make it profitable, I think that's a huge goal for us and a real important step for us. All that being said, we have always claimed to be the storytelling game company and there are so many great stories out there and whenever we bring a franchise in, and bring all the talent that comes behind that franchise, like Aardman, or like Steve Purcell, or like the Chapman brothers, or like Jeff Smith, that really adds to our ability. We are bringing great storytellers into our world and hopefully that's showing in our product. So, going on and doing original property certainly has its value in a lot of different ways, but we still put a lot of value in working with great storytellers and telling great stories as well. And working with great characters that have stories already written.
Read it all while impatiently awaiting Telltale to be ready to take your credit card number in exchange for their latest season of episodic graphic adventure goodness.


  • fov on 23 Feb, 2009, 20:53…
    That's an old picture. The beard isn't back. But the questions and answers are ALL NEW!
  • GhostPirateLeChuck on 23 Feb, 2009, 05:48…
    Just find a way to get Monkey Island. =D
  • Kroms on 23 Feb, 2009, 00:43…
    Very interesting interview. Lots of points of interest, and I'm excited for W&G as ever. But I feel bad for them. It's like they're stuck between satifying the whiney "OMG PUZZLES AREN'T HARD ENOUGH" hardcore adventure fans and the people who (as he put it) really liked Sam and Max but couldn't finish it because of a puzzle. Hope they strike some sort of balancing formula soon. I personally thought they'd nailed it...strange what people complain about.