Ghost Pirates teaser site, concept art 20 Jun, 2009, 01:28 / 2 comments

As The Pumpkin Post will tell you, Ghost Pirates publisher dtp has put up a teaser site for the game. At the moment it's got nothing to offer but some pirate jokes, but hey, at least it exists.

There's also apparently some new concept art among this stash, hosted by GamersHell, most significantly a big image of the main cast. And as long as you're in a Tiller mood, you may appreciate a reminder about that AVS artbook that's for sale.


  • neon_git on 20 Jun, 2009, 09:25…
    The artwork looks so awesome :D

    The teaser site is kind of lame though.
  • PirateKingChris on 20 Jun, 2009, 02:59…
    LOVING that character art, especially the guy who I'd guess his name was "Garbagebeard"