Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island reviewed 23 Feb, 2010, 09:37 / 6 comments

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, the latest game from Bill Tiller's Autumn Moon Entertainment, has been played and reviewed, by firm but loving website Adventure Gamers.

They have given the game a respectable three-and-a-half stars, which you may recall being the same score they bestowed upon Tales of Monkey Island chapters one and two. That's a good thing.

However, if that doesn't seem like much to you, then keep in mind Autumn Moon is still a young, struggling studio. Both Telltale and LucasArts had their share of misfires before hitting their stride. Ghost Pirates is relatively cheap at £17.59; it's even cheaper at £13.41 from Amazon marketplace sellers. I think that's worth the beautiful backgrounds, at least; and you're supporting a company with the potential to make great adventure games.

Update by Jason: Additional reviews: Electronic Theater, GameBoomers.

Source: Adventure Gamers



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  • Udvarnoky on 23 Feb, 2010, 23:27…
    I'm probably being ultra sensitive here, but isn't it a little disingenuous to call Autumn Moon a studio "with the potential to make great adventure games" based entirely on a review of a game that you haven't yourself played? It's unwise to expect greatness, but you write as if you've already made up your mind about Ghost Pirates, even though once you actually play it yourself it may, by your reckoning, be significantly better or exceptionally worse than the AG guy thought.
  • Gabez on 23 Feb, 2010, 13:59…
    What are you, Autumn Moon's PR guy?
  • Kroms on 23 Feb, 2010, 15:06…
    I think this was the first time I update about Ghost Pirates. Just saying that *buying* this should increase the chances that more and, hopefully, better games of this kind get made.
  • Gabez on 23 Feb, 2010, 18:37…
    There's more spin in that newspost than a merry-go-round ¬¬
  • haydenwce27 on 23 Feb, 2010, 15:23…
    My feelings and opinion exactly.