George “The Fat Man” Sanger unleashes remastered Humongous scores 11 Oct, 2020 / 4 comments

Being cool and popular, we recently received the following email:

Hi Mixnmojo,

My name’s Tim. I worked with George “The Fat Man” Sanger for a long time to release his master recordings from the Humongous Entertainment games he worked on. We worked really hard on the albums, restoring and remixing a lot of lost content, and taking them from raw ADATs to excellent listener-ready spreads. Now they’re finally out.

They sound fantastic, missing the 11025Hz distortion so characteristic of SCUMM games with digital music, and I thought your readers might be interested.

They can be found at

I run the Curator YouTube channel, too, which has some fun Putt-Putt related interviews and other content you might like.

Thanks for the great coverage over the years!

Do I need to draw you a road map? Go download those digitally liberated soundtracks right now!

Source: Bandcamp



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    Bloodnose on 15 Oct, 2020, 03:21…
    This is cool, but not "$10 per album cool" least not for me. I never really played these games, so I'm passing. I think it's great that it's been preserved, though.
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    Melancholick on 14 Oct, 2020, 21:15…
    Oh, man. Can't conceive of a better time of this rotten year to realize that there's been a freakin' fifty-minute Virtual Concert for the 7th Guest floating around on the internet since 2018.

    Got me feeling a little cryptic.
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    LuigiHann on 12 Oct, 2020, 02:26…
    The Topiary Creatures! Welcome to the Zoo! The part of my brain that never stopped singing this is very happy
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    AlfredJ on 11 Oct, 2020, 16:42…
    Oh hey, this is really cool and unexpected! So much fun stuff coming out lately. Definitely adding this to my collection.

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