Gamespot previews Wallace & Gromit, episode names revealed 28 Feb, 2009, 16:56 / 4 comments

Gamespot has put up a hands-on preview of the first episode (now completely done) of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. Aside from the all the other great information you'll get out of reading it, the preview also provides the names of all four episodes:

Fright of the Bumblebees
The Last Resort
The Bogey Man

Thanks to AlfredJ on the forums for the heads up!

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  • fov on 03 Mar, 2009, 00:18…
    The Gamespot article (and a few others I've seen in print) have misrepresented Tristan's role a bit. He is very involved with the stories, but as an editor, not as the lead writer. The scripts are written by Telltale's designers (Andy Hartzell, Joe Pinney, and Sean Vanaman) and then sent to Tristan, who takes an editing pass before the script goes to Aardman for review and final approval.

    It's a different process than what we've done before, and I think the collaboration with Tristan is an important part of making sure the series is authentically British. But I want to make sure our hardworking writers get their props, too!
  • fov on 03 Mar, 2009, 00:19…
    Once again, I've failed at replying. This was of course supposed to be in response to Kroms' comment. :P
  • AlfredJ on 28 Feb, 2009, 18:47…
    Yeah, I found this while I was searching for some impressions of the demo Telltale is showing at Wondercon. I haven't really found anything yet, except for this weird thingy, which probably is a bit useless:

    "All that said, the Best of Schwag goes to Telltale Games at Booth 644 for its giveaway of a Strong Bad game to every email provided, as well as a promise for a sneak peek at Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures week after next. Tomorrow, Steve Purcell of Sam & Max fame will be at the Telltale booth live and will draw from the fishbowl of emails one lucky winner for the giant autographed sculpture of Sam & Max."

    Do they mean to say the episode is going to be released the week after next week? The episode seems to be finished, so it could be possible, although I don't know how trustworthy this post is. Found it here:
  • Kroms on 28 Feb, 2009, 18:36…
    Interesting, hiring a writer for the story, especially because of the number of great writers Telltale has. I can find two Tristan Davies', but I guess the one the article is talking about is this one.