GameTrailers Star Wars Retrospective: Episode IV - A New Hope (for Star Wars) 28 Apr, 2008, 19:00 / 4 comments

GameTrailers' riveting Star Wars Retrospective now turns to the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series that defined the series on PC, and which we'll never see again in these days of dumbed-down console gaming. It also starts with a nice look at the birth of LucasArts with some adventure gaming thrown in (with what seems to be Maniac Mansion Enhanced instead of the original).

Watch it here, and weep for a lost age.

Next episode: strategy and battles! It's War!


  • elTee on 29 Apr, 2008, 08:36…
    That compilation is so excellent, it really pisses me off that I lost the floppies and the conglomerate hintbook. They're in the house somewhere!
  • Murray the Chao on 29 Apr, 2008, 06:28…
    Yeah, that's not Maniac Mansion Deluxe.
  • Glo_kidd on 29 Apr, 2008, 02:47…
    Its actually just Maniac Mansion Enhanced, the 16 color EGA updated version that lucasarts themselves released. There is also a version of Zak that is done this way. Both these versions can be found in the Lucasarts Classic Adventures compilation
  • The Tingler on 29 Apr, 2008, 08:21…