Galaxies FootageFunTime? 10 May, 2002, 03:11 / 14 comments

SWGalaxies DB are hosting some video footage for the upcoming game their site is dedicated to: Star Wars Galaxies. The webmaster took his camera along to 'Celebrations II' and "managed to snag awesome footage from not only the Galaxies demo, but also some testing the devs were doing beforehand"

The footage is over 20 minutes long and 40mb in size... I cant tell you whether its worth it as I've not seen it yet, but Im betting it isnt is.

For more Galaxies news visit our lovely Network chums But remember to wipe your feet on your way in.

Update:The game still looks great... I decided to write a running commentry because I'm bored at work. click 'Read More' if you are bored enough to read it.
Running comments:

11:25 The Begining of the video looks to be the same areas shown off at E3 last year. The bonus is that you get a really really annoying American commenting on the footage and saying "gosh!" lots... too much

11:28 he started moaning like he was making with the sex.

11:31 Still looks like the E3 trailer, "oh my gosh!" count is up to atleast 7 now.

11:33 Bad tie fighter impression + humming along to imperial march. However the footage of this bit is of an Xwing in space... I cant remember if this was at E3 or not. looks very nice.

11:37 Screen wipes to the actual presentation part... We get to watch the same footage again now.. but with Producers commentry.

11:43 "Run forest, Run" no dear god. AT-AT's are fun I want one... still pretty much the same as E3 2001

11:45 Wookiees will only be able to talk to people who can speak Wookiee.. cool. Wookiees kickass.

11:49 He ran out of tape.. new tape.. Back to space footage.

11:51 END

What have we learned?: The footage, whilst being the same as last E3, is still beautiful. The Background commentry is pretty funny, though not intentionally.

You'll get to watch the same footage twice.. and The final "Gosh!" count was High. Watch the video, go on I dare you!


  • JBRAA on 11 May, 2002, 16:20…
    the annoying guy is cool
  • Skyfox on 10 May, 2002, 14:59…
    No way that is running on a GF3... is it?!? ok, NOW I am interested in Galaxies!
  • QueZTone on 10 May, 2002, 16:44…
    ya, me too! it rules! omg i have so many fantasies/imagination with this game of what it will be. my bro keeps telling me 'yeah right dream on'. i hope this game will be what i imagine it will be! oh my gosh! :P
  • Metallus on 11 May, 2002, 00:30…
    Vroom, vroom.
  • Narrative on 10 May, 2002, 04:24…
    jezus that bloke is annoying.
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 04:36…
    i hope i dont sound annoying if i ever make a video of LEC footage... or maybe ill try to emulate him
  • Narrative on 10 May, 2002, 05:04…
    "oh josh, oh my! thats beautiful! thats just great, oh lovely, oh my josh!"
    I'd prefer commentary from Jar Jar.

    Notice towards the end the LEC krew were getting more and more pi***d off with him? poor peeps.
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 06:20…
    "i could probably list all the features of by heart" ..... or some such quote

    still it was nice of him to send us the footage :)
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 06:20…
    "i could probably list all the features of by heart" ..... or some such quote

    still it was nice of him to send us the footage :)
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 06:57…
    it was nice of me to post that twice
  • QueZTone on 10 May, 2002, 16:42…
    it was nice of that dude to say gosh all the time. he really had its climax there. Especially the "ohh no, no no!" bit when they closed the connection with Tatooine when the dragon creature went for the AT-ATs :)

    anyway cool vid =] worth the download, even for only hearing the guy's comments. "do a tapdance" lol! "humming imperial march" lol! "oh my gosh" lol! "waaohw" lol! "look at that detail" if you didnt know he was watching a galaxies promo vid you'd think he was having some other action packed 'adventure'
  • Jake on 10 May, 2002, 04:04…
    Spaff clean that post up young man! I edited it and then you went and spaff'd it up again with your single line breaks and lowercase "i"'s! Tsk tsk.
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 04:15…
    I cant find what you are talking about dude.. stop sucking :)
  • spaff on 10 May, 2002, 04:13…