Galaxies Beta 1 Testers Chosen 16 Jul, 2002, 09:32 / 3 comments

Out of the 150,000 applicants for the first found of Star Wars Galaxies beta testing, 100 lucky gamers should get an e-mail telling them that they've already been chosen. Kevin O'Hara informed the community in this message post that the testers were selected, and that more should be on the way. Here's a quote:
I know the first question will likely be, ?well, when are the Beta 2 emails going to be sent?? We?re not ready to nail down the start date for Beta 2 yet. Let us get fully into Beta 1 first. Each beta is scheduled to be more than a month in length, but that is very tentative. We will periodically do sanity checks during the betas and if we need one to last a little longer, so be it.
If you're feeling depressed because you weren't picked during this round, cheer up. You can check out the new screenshots to help ease the pain.


  • scabb on 16 Jul, 2002, 15:54…
    Anyone ever read 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'?
  • telarium on 16 Jul, 2002, 10:01…
    Quiet, you!
  • Big_Whoop on 16 Jul, 2002, 10:00…
    Wouldn't screenshots from a beta people don't get the change to play only depress them the more?