GDC Returns 15 Jan, 2004, 23:15 / 7 comments

It?s time again for the Game Developers Conference. Like the previous years, several current and former LucasArts employees will be speaking. The conference isn?t open to the general public (boo), but if you?re willing to spend the money, you can order audio and video cassettes of the various lectures. Among those speaking are:<:MORENEWS:>

Former LucasArts Employees:
Clint Bajakian, composer and sound designer
Hal Barwood, writer and designer (currently unemployed?)
Julian Kwasneski, sound designer
Michael Land, composer
Tim Schafer, The Man

Current LucasArts Employees:
Chuck McFadden, senior QA lead
Nick Porcino, senior systems Engineer

Well there you have it. The Game Developers Conference will be held in San Jose, California from March 22 through 26. Anyone who manages to sneak in and write an investigative Mojo report will receive a free pack of Skittles.


  • Trunks on 16 Jan, 2004, 17:15…
    Oh, and for those looking for a cheap way to get into GDC, look into their Volunteer program:

    Granted, you may not be able to see the lectures/workshops you want if you end up working those hours, but you still get free access to almost any session as well as the Expo hall. Plus you end up meeting a lot of cool people! It's a very good experience.
  • Trunks on 16 Jan, 2004, 17:11…
    I think Chuck's the QA supervisor now actually.
  • netmonkey on 16 Jan, 2004, 16:48…
    That sucks that it's not open to the public; I wanna go. :S

    Maybe they'll put some sort of Tim Schafer video in Gamasutra later on!
  • Trunks on 16 Jan, 2004, 17:18…
    Technically, it IS open to the public...anyone can get in if they pay the registration fees (which are QUITE high, especially if you want to watch any sessions). Yeah, it's not cheap at all, but this is a professional serious event (not a PR party like E3).

    There are student discounts I believe for Expo passes, but that doesn't let you into any sessions or workshops. The volunteer option is the best way to go IMO (assuming you get chosen).
  • Marek on 16 Jan, 2004, 10:33…
    Last year one of those 'hilarious' E3 survival kits had a bag of skittles attached so I took 20.
  • tabacco on 16 Jan, 2004, 14:39…
    Heh... yeah, except someone else had the same idea, so we had to sort through the ones that were left to find the ones with Skittles in them ;)
  • Jake on 16 Jan, 2004, 00:58…
    Will they be Sour Skittles, or just the regular kind?