Fund Autumn Moon's next series! 22 Dec, 2008, 02:17 / 1 comment

About a week ago, Bill Tiller made a post on his personal blog featuring the image of some robot character, saying:
This here is a robot assassin that will be in Autumn Moons first episodic adventure game serial, IF we ever get any investors for it (big 'if'). It is a retro sci fi killer inspired by the movie Forbidden Planet. If you are an invetsor email me please!
Autumn Moon's succumbed to the allure of episodic gaming as well, eh? I'm not sure if the game series he's alluding to is this mysterious second IP that Autumn Moon is said to be working on, but I'm guessing not since Bill Tiller has mentioned there already being a publisher involved with it. But whatever this serial is, I think you can spot Bill a few million to make it a reality. I'm sure some of you must have some money burning a hole in your pocket if the success of The SCUMM Bar's donation sham is any indication.

That's not all the neato stuff one can learn from the Tiller blog, either. His most recent post was of some Mona concept art for AVS3, which will apparently take place during the day and see our vampire heroine wearing a hat. There's also some old concept art featuring Mona in similar garb. In fact, you might be interested in looking at the AVS concept art gallery, as it's clear that in the three or so years some of these seemingly innocuous images have been around, they've actually secretly been revealing details on the sequels to AVS in addition to the first installment.

And before you go, there's one more thing in the category of Things That The Internet Informed Everyone Of Before Mojo Could Be Bothered To Post About - this video which lists the Top 10 beards in all of video gamery. Five guesses as to which feared pirate captain occupies the top spot.


  • neon_git on 22 Dec, 2008, 10:39…
    Man, that is one sweet robot. To see it in an episodic pulp sci fi serial would be so awesome. Like the old Flash Gordon serials or something of that ilk.

    Please someone, anyone, invest in this game.