Full Throttle team reunites for commentary 21 Oct, 2016 / 2 comments

It was almost a year ago that Full Throttle Remastered was announced, and since then we've known we could look forward to a developer commentary just as Day of the Tentacle had.

Well apparently that commentary was recorded this past week. Check out the photo Double Fine posted on Facebook:

Hopefully media from the game is soon to follow.

Source: Facebook



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    AlfredJ on 28 Oct, 2016, 14:21…
    I'm totally ignoring the actual news here to give you guys another scoop: they changed the title of the UK version of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie from Dead Man Tell No Tales to Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge. Which is of course not as good of a title but totally evokes Monkey Island 2, which I enjoy a lot in a strange, nerdy way. Another link for the ever increasing plot that the franchise is nothing more than a Monkey Island rip off!

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    Kolzig on 28 Oct, 2016, 13:10…
    Ohh really cool. Shame that Roy Conrad is no longer with us. It would've been awesome to hear his thoughts also on voicing Ben.

    I hope Double Fine releases a cool wallpaper soon. I need Full Throttle in my desktop. It is the only worthy one to replace my current DoTT Remastered wallpaper.

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