Full Brutal Legend postmortem now available online 25 Mar, 2010, 22:31 / 5 comments

Although excerpts from it have been previously made available, the postmortem for Brütal Legend that appeared in the December issue of Game Developer magazine is now available in its entirety on Gamasutra. The comprehensive look back by executive producer Caroline Esmurdoc on what went right and wrong during the project's enormous production is more than worth the read you're going to be giving it.


  • AlfredJ on 26 Mar, 2010, 16:09…
    As others have said, great read. Working for Double Fine sounds incredibly scary though. I really hope things go smoother for them in the future.
  • QueZTone on 26 Mar, 2010, 15:39…
    did my comment dissapear? :p

    oh well, like eltee said, very insightful and honest.. suits DoubleFine! :)
  • QueZTone on 26 Mar, 2010, 15:39…
    -s + p
  • Kroms on 26 Mar, 2010, 14:15…
    Fantastic article. But I still think they need to work on their fun factor. I haven't re-played Brutal Legend because of the damn escort missions.

    External playtesting, perhaps? It works for Valve.
  • elTee on 26 Mar, 2010, 10:36…
    Interesting (and vaguely scary, but nevermind that) read. I like DoubleFine's honest approach to things like this.