Freelance Police title sequence storyboard 23 Feb, 2011 / 2 comments

Steve Purcell's latest addition to the Sam & Max blog is a storyboard for a Freelance Police title sequence concept. You know, that one you have no memories of because you never got to see it.

Here is a story board for a possible title sequence for a defunct Sam & Max game. This was only to try to explore Sam & Max's acting and how the background elements might play against them.
The idea was that there would be colored flats moving in the background depicting various threatening villains. The little rappelling figures are like anonymous silhouetted henchmen for Sam & Max to pick off. The little shaggy rectangle in the last frame indicates a title just in case there was some possible way you didn't already figure that out.
There are some color concepts that go with this which I'll go hunt for at some point which convey a widescreen version of the idea.

I think if we're patient enough, we'll probably have enough individual raw materials from the game made available for Bad Asp! to assemble into a self-voiced playable build by 2079.


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    Remi on 23 Feb, 2011, 16:55…
    Looks similar to the small title sequence seen in the trailer.
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    Bad Asp! on 23 Feb, 2011, 03:53…
    2079? I'll probably be dead before then, Jason!

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