Free Pirates of the Carribean MMORPG 06 Feb, 2007, 00:52 / 5 comments

As all things Pirates of the Carribean are considered fair-game here, you might like to know Disney are making a Pirates MMORPG with free download (no boxed retail version will be produced). There are 2 options for ongoing play, a free subscription, or a paid subscription with more content.
The game takes place in an alternate universe, with a new story arc that introduces Jolly Roger as a nemesis. Players must help Sparrow get his crew back together to find the Black Pearl and restore order. The story line will span hundreds of hours of gameplay, and Disney Online will launch free expansions for the game every two to three months.

Disney Online will offer consumers two ways to play the game, both of which will include a free electronic download. Gamers can choose to play the free version of the game, which will incorporate about one-third of the game world and content. Gamers who want to upgrade to the full "Pirates Online" experience will be charged a US$9.95 monthly subscription, which offers such extras as more customisation options and characters and the ability to take part in tournaments and engage in player-to-player combat.
It's due to launch with the latest POTC movie around May 25. More info at the Pirates Online site.

Source: Pirates Online



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  • benjwalker on 10 Feb, 2007, 21:38…
    Wow, pirates + MMORPG / free = yay!

    Wow... a relevant comment too :)
  • elTee on 06 Feb, 2007, 16:26…
    Man, just make Sid Meier's Pirates! multiplayer. That's an awesome pirate game.
  • Metallus on 07 Feb, 2007, 09:13…
    It's awesome because it's single player, IMO.
  • jimmcq on 06 Feb, 2007, 15:55…
    There is a new wiki dedidcated to "Pirates of the Carribean Online" at