First Strong Bad info and media released 11 Apr, 2008, 07:15 / 15 comments

As promised, Telltale has put up their mini-site for Strong Bad featuring an overview, videos, the first screenshots, and an extensive FAQ. A few key points:
  • Gameplay-wise, it will be a point 'n click adventure much like Sam & Max, only with the Homestar characters, who will all make appearances at some point.
  • Team includes Telltale designers Mark Darin, Chuck Jordan, Brendan Q. Ferguson, Mike Stemmle, and Dave Grossman.
  • The WiiWare version of the game will take advantage of Wii Connect24 with some special features that will tie the episodes together and let you communicate with friends.
  • Although schedule/price specifics haven't been announced, it will run very similar to Sam & Max - five episodes, monthly releases, optional season bundle. The first episode arrives in June for WiiWare, unknown for PC.
  • The Chapman brothers are heavily involved with the writing, visuals, etc. and will be lending the voices for the characters just like in the flash toons.
  • Sam & Max Season 3 will release in early 2009, and Telltale has one more unannounced series in the works. Three of their series will run more or less back to back, meaning we'll be getting monthly episodes from Telltale for a long stretch of time.
Check it all out on Telltale's newly made over web site.

Update: Maybe JP updated my previous news post with some of this, but that doesn't make your face any less ugly.


  • Kroms on 11 Apr, 2008, 15:13…
    Woah. Awesome. Bummer about Sam and Max but it's all good as long as they're raking in money.
  • Gabez on 11 Apr, 2008, 21:34…
    What's the bummer?
  • Kroms on 11 Apr, 2008, 22:58…
    That it's not coming again this year. Like at Christmas. Which is fine with me as long as we get quality games from Telltale that make them a profit.
  • Gabez on 11 Apr, 2008, 07:45…
    Also, it's great that it's coming out so soon!
  • Gabez on 11 Apr, 2008, 07:44…
    Wowowow! The graphics look awesome -- very like the cartoon but even better! And so many different styles! And it feels very different to Sam & Max! Very funny, but a different kind of funny.
  • jp-30 on 11 Apr, 2008, 07:37…
    *My* Face? :-(

    Anyway, I think what Kevin said on the forums regarding the '4 seasons in development' line in the Gamespot interviews shows there are *two* as yet unannounced TTG properties in development.

    He made it clear CSI is not one of them.
  • Jake on 11 Apr, 2008, 21:29…
    That Gamespot interview effectively misquoted Dan. According to Emily, Dan's original answer was that we would be working on three series (two of them new, one of them Sam & Max season three), but are hoping to be at four by the end of the year. That got condensed incorrectly down into "Telltale is making four series."
  • Udvarnoky on 11 Apr, 2008, 07:46…
    Dnnno, I'm thinking there's just one more unannounced series in the works, at least at the moment. I'm not sure Kevin was replying to the same question we're asking here. What do I know, though.
  • Udvarnoky on 11 Apr, 2008, 07:47…
    Also, the fact that I wrote the word "Dnnno" doesn't make your face any less ugly. Just throwing that out there.
  • jp-30 on 11 Apr, 2008, 08:22…
    This thread

    Gamespot: Telltale is apparently done getting the lay of the land now, as Connors said it has four series in development, and is planning to have at least three series this year, churning out an episode a month with the series schedules running back-to-back-to-back."

    // Various forum comments about the 4th series probably/possibly being CSI or Bone //

    Kevin: "CSI wouldn't be "all new", now would it?"


    We know Sam & Max season 3, Strong Bad, a new game for PC, plus this mystery 4th "all new" property.
  • monkeyboobs on 11 Apr, 2008, 16:50…
  • Gabez on 11 Apr, 2008, 14:48…
    That's cool!

    I was thinking today: I wonder if the new license is Tintin? He's got films coming out soon. A Tintin adventure series would be great.
  • The Tingler on 11 Apr, 2008, 15:31…
    Tintin seems a bit unlikely unless Peter Jackson (it IS Jackson who's doing the Tintin movie isn't it?) is a fan of Telltale's - that's how Michel "Beyond Good & Evil' Ancel got the King Kong game gig.

    I'd prefer Asterix!
  • Zaarin on 12 Apr, 2008, 02:50…
    Peter Jackson AND Steven Spielberg!

    Steven Moffat is doing the writing, so that's a good thing too.
  • Kroms on 11 Apr, 2008, 23:01…
    Lol you guys are using Telltale for nostalgia.