Final Sam & Max retail box art revealed? 15 Jul, 2007, 16:12 / 3 comments

Not sure how much you guys will care about this, but Amazon has an updated, and probably final, version of the cover art for Dreamcatcher's boxed release of Season 1 next month. It's mostly the same as the placeholder but with some interesting tweaks including a slightly revised package design, a badge added to Max's left hand, and the fly swatter in his right hand replaced by a bat. There's also a little black silver emblem now commemorating the characters' 20th year of existence.

Anyway, it's obviously not as good as the Steve Purcell drawing that graces the cover of Telltale's version, but it's definitely really nice. And since you're getting both versions, that's a good thing to know.


  • hierohero on 16 Jul, 2007, 00:53…
    nice..but steve purcell is the king og box artwork ..wonder why they didn't ask him to do somethin for their version
  • Jake on 15 Jul, 2007, 19:10…
    Yep that's the final box. The Adventure Company did a great job on it. The front has a tri-fold flap with a brief overview of Sam & Max's 20 years. Also (as far as I know) inside the box the game itself comes in a jewel case instead of a paper sleeve, and has a decent-length (black and white) manual tucked into the jewel case. Also there's the poster and bonus disc w/their behind the scenes featurette, trailers, and a few other goodies.
  • Udvarnoky on 15 Jul, 2007, 19:31…
    All sounds great to me! Thanks for the info.