Final Clone Wars Box Art? 09 Jul, 2002, 16:15 / 5 comments seems to have obtained the box art for the upcoming Gamecube title, The Clone Wars, which you can view here. Very nice looking box art, I must say. The site also says that the game will ship on September 18th, although that could certainly change.


  • The_Petrified_Monkey on 11 Jul, 2002, 05:12…
    You may be interested to know that also have some box art available for this title although it is slightly different...

    The link to the product is here (ignore the British Pounds... It's the only way I can get cheap imports!) :

    Yes, it is a long address and may work better if you go to the homepage and search for it there... :-)

    The reason why I came across this is that I am now considering preordering it after I read a very favourable preview in the latest issue of a British Gamecube publication (NGC) who compared the playability to Rogue Leader but with more imphasise on the ground-based missions.

    I hope this game does turn out to be as it was described in this magazine and the screenshots they showed in the magazine look far, far, FAR superior to any on the Lucasarts website.

    So, there is SOME hope in the future of Star Wars gaming in this post Rogue Leader- post Jedi Knight II world... :-)
  • The_Petrified_Monkey on 10 Jul, 2002, 01:35…
    Wicked box! Now, let's hope the game is as good as the box art... I hold out hope for more decent Star Wars games on my Cubus Gameus following the excellent Rogue Leader.

    Incidentally, if you click on Bounty Hunder (another possible "good" Star Wars title for people who like console gaming... not that I dislike PC gaming, as that is where I started really. Oh look, I'm going on again...), you can see what I presume is a revised logo for Bounty Hunter instead of the final box art. It is quite kewl, with a sort of electric blue lining to the writing.

    Anyway, oh yeah. It is quite humourous that EB stole Gamespot's pilfered screenshots... :-)
  • Jake on 09 Jul, 2002, 20:58…
    Screenshots on EBGames site not just stolen from, but stolen from GameSpot's job of stealing from
  • Jayel on 09 Jul, 2002, 21:08…
    LOL That is funny!
  • Jayel on 09 Jul, 2002, 20:07…
    Impressive box. I wonder if they took the shot out of the movie.