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With all the Amnesia Fortnight madness going on, we managed to miss the news that Broken Age Act I is now available DRM-free to those who already ordered it from your download page at If you haven't already ordered, Double Fine has set up a website for you to purchase the DRM-free version here.

Speaking of Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine has graciously allowed the community to create their own version of one of the pitches that didn't make it this year. That pitch is one that didn't make it through both years of public Amnesia Fortnight, Patrick Hackett's Bad Golf (and Bad Golf 2). Bad Golf: Community Edition is being created with Unity under the creative commons no commercial license, and is being coordinated through github. They are still actively seeking anyone who wants to help. They still need programmers, artists, musicians, foley and voice artists, and 3D and 2D artists. If you want to see where you can help, check out their issue tracker and check out the project's forum thread for updates on the progress.

In Telltale news, The Walking Dead Season Two episode 2 has received a release window. Episode one will be released in early March, at least for the platforms that have already received episode one. There is still no sign of when the PlayStation Vita and Ouya versions of Season 2 episode 1 will be released.

Lastly, Telltale and Gearbox will be at SXSW at a panel at 5:30 on March 8th, where they will reveal the first information about their upcoming episodic series, Tales of The Borderlands.

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