Fans release Spacebase DF9 update 05 Oct, 2015 / 0 comments

What happens when a bunch of talented people get together to try and decide to update a game they love? If you're lucky a few screenshots, a news update or two, and then silence. But every so often something miraculous happens.

Today a group of Double Fine fans, calling themselves Derelict Games, released an unofficial v1.07 patch for Spacebase DF9, bringing out the following cool new features:

* Bug Fixes!
* 2 new O2 Generators!
* 2 new Power Generators!
* A new Jukebox for the Bar!
* Squads! allows for multiple teams of security to handle multiple areas simultaneously
* New Events! none of the same boring ones over and over again.
* Many new sicknesses! be prepared for space dysentery and the dreaded THING!
* Janitors! let them get rid of the dead bodies piling up because doctors are too lazy!
* Better Modability! code changes mean making your characters more easily modded!
* Garden Pods no longer require empty space around them! nomnomnom

A v1.08 patch is apparently not far off, and after they're done with Spacebase DF9, who knows? They're talking about the possibility of releasing their own games. Like I said, miraculous.

The v1.07 Spacebase DF9 patch is available now from Spacebase Hub, with the source code release coming soon.

Update: They've just released v1.07.1 (bug fixes)

Source: SpacebaseHub


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