Fan gets fed up, makes Vampyre icons 08 Dec, 2008, 03:52 / 2 comments

Got this in my inbox a few days ago:
I don't know if you are interested in posting this but I took the time to do some new desktop icons for AVS which are suitable for the Windows Vista icon type but also compatible with XP. I put them on this website for others to download. I must admit i was a bit disappointed with the "lousy" one the included in the game when you think of the quality of Mr. Tillers artwork. The link is:
Well, what are you waiting for? Me to put this superfluous link?


  • Scummbuddy on 09 Dec, 2008, 00:13…
    Grabbed them. Nice work.
  • TheJoe on 08 Dec, 2008, 20:12…