Euphoria ensnares another developer 28 Feb, 2007, 20:49 / 2 comments

GTA developer/publisher Rockstar Games has licensed the much maligned (by me) Euphoria engine for use in its own unspecified games. Made infamous by its "revolutionary" debut in the upcoming Indiana Jones game, Euphoria uses motion synthesis to simulate 3D animation for next-gen games.

This serves to greatly reduce the need for hand animations as well as deliver character reactions that are never the same twice. (The kind of thing that the "limitations" of traditional animation never allowed for, to quote the Indiana Jones press release.) As the technology's creator NaturalMotion boasts, "The possibilities for games are endless."

I know I'm excited. Okay, maybe I actually am just a little.


  • FreeSquares on 04 Mar, 2007, 23:07…
    If you've seen the abysmal animations in previous GTA games then this is a good thing. And death/falling/colliding with something animations have always been crap in games; I'm all for having something rendered in a life-like way. A body going limp realistically makes for a more satisfying kill in my opinion. >:)
  • Oystein on 01 Mar, 2007, 00:50…
    Will they use this one in GTA 4, I wonder?