Episode II: The Poster 12 Mar, 2002, 11:51 / 2 comments

Continuing "Star Wars Day" here at the Mojo, we have the following tidbit of news: The release poster for Star Wars Episode II is up on To no one's surprise, it looks very similar to the posters for the other 4 Star Wars films. That doesn't mean it's not pretty.
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  • JackTheGaffer on 12 Mar, 2002, 18:08…
    Does Anikian look really sweaty to anyone else?
  • QueZTone on 12 Mar, 2002, 11:58…
    hehe yeah its pretty neat. Portman looks ever so sweet. >Jenga< :P Fett looks pretty certain of himself in a cool way, only anakin and obi look a bit weird...

    btw the teaser poster is up there too, you can browse to it via the link of the news, its a pretty neat wide poster too. =]