Episode I DVD PreOrder 24 Jun, 2001, 23:26 / 8 comments

So, excited by the Episode I DVD?
I know I was... although I did felt kind of mislead when I read the official announcement on the official website announcing "The Wait is Over".
But it's almost 4-5 months wait? I'd say the wait is far from over!
Whether it been announced as a counter attack on the "Phantom Edit" press recently or just because Lucas is sick of hearing people wanting it desperately, we're all going to have to wait for it to come out.
But don't be bitter, at least its finally come out when only a few months ago the ETA was probably late next year if not more!
So in the mean time, the answer to make the purchase seem that little bit closer it to PRE-ORDER!

Best deals found so far on the net for the UK is Bensons World which are offering it at ?19.99 with free postage. Also don't forget that the DVD comes 24 hours then the rest of the world.

If you live in that other country that speaks English, what's it called? Oh yeah America :-D you can find the cheapest deal at which offer it at $20.99 excluding shipping.
Although the British will be treated to the DVD a day before the rest of the world, pound for dollar, the UK price a lot more expensive at around $29. While vice-versea the USA price is around ?14.50.
Just proves you can't have it all!

For anywhere else checkout TheForce.Net's Episode I Section for worldwide release dates and cheapest pre-order sites.

PS I recently got engaged... damn phone lines...


  • Narrative on 26 Jun, 2001, 11:36…
    God yeah! Can you cook?
  • invisibelle on 29 Jun, 2001, 02:34…
    I sure can. :)
  • invisibelle on 25 Jun, 2001, 20:15…
    NARRATIVE WILL YOU MARRY ME?????!!!!!!!111
  • Narrative on 25 Jun, 2001, 16:05…
    LOL That one went RIGHT over their heads.
  • Darnn on 25 Jun, 2001, 09:16…
    Congrats, Narr! I thought you were too young to be engaged, though... How old are you, anyway?
  • Emma on 04 Jul, 2001, 22:28…
    Okay. When can I stop laughing?
  • Remi O on 25 Jun, 2001, 14:26…
    I don't think you got his joke.
  • QueZTone on 25 Jun, 2001, 08:06…
    whats this? everyone's getting engaged now? hmm congratulations narrative! hmmm i guess i need to get engaged soon too, gotta keep upto standards you see. hmm just gotta find the perfect match :P Cheerio ;)