Edge Articles 19 Dec, 2002, 05:10 / 6 comments

Edge, alledgedly the UK's leading games magazine, has a few Lucas based articles this month, starting with a review of Bounty hunter which I think may be a little too harsh, but has some good points. The game is given 2/10
Technically it's a mess, forcing Edge to dig out Shadows of the Empire for N64 to confirm that Bounty Hunter's horribly bland textures and level architecture are only marginally superior to those of a six-year-old title.
They rip on the game for a further few paragraphs.
Star Wars Galaxies gets a warmer welcome however in the prescreen section
With the last batch of utterly awful LucasArts games out of the way, could it be that the 'Star Wars' licence is about to strike back?
There are some screenshots that we have probably all seen before, but that quote stuck in my mind.


  • X201 on 29 Dec, 2002, 16:29…
    There's no alledgedly about it Edge IS the best games mag in the UK.

    I have been reading Edge since day one and over the last 8 years their reviews have always been spot on. Bad news for Bounty Hunter fans.

    Edge is not like other magazines getting an 9/10 in Edge is a major achievement. And the number of games that have received 10/10 is still firmly in single figures.
  • QueZTone on 19 Dec, 2002, 07:26…
  • spaff on 19 Dec, 2002, 05:21…
    Calm before the storm..
    whatever happened to that

    maybe we should have one for old times sake :)
  • Marek on 19 Dec, 2002, 05:25…
    So, this is the Storm Before The Calm Before The Storm, or what? I'm terribly confused.
  • Sloth on 19 Dec, 2002, 23:21…
    If this keeps up, on Wednesdays they're going to have to Calm before the Storm before the Calm before the Storm.
  • bgbennyboy on 19 Dec, 2002, 05:16…
    Whats going on here? Not only is there loads of news, on a THURSDAY but Spaff is posting it all. My sense of continuity is well and truly shattered.