EMI vs. The SCUMM Bar Staff 28 Mar, 2002, 00:03 / 1 comment

A year and a half after the release of Escape From Monkey Island, The SCUMM Bar has released a review of this most controversial title. As many Monkey Island fans are aware, this title was cause for endless debate concerning its overall quality, as well as how it fit into the series as a whole.

Therefore, instead of doing one review, several of the TSB staffers have submitted their impressions of the title, creating a series of mini-reviews. The feature is well worth reading, so check it out already! Also, you are welcomed to leave feedback, or your own EMI review in the comment area.


  • Pedgey on 28 Mar, 2002, 11:11…
    I feel it should be pointed out that the reviews were up briefly on TSB before the huge downtime, but perhaps a lot of people didnt see them then.
    this display convieniently coinsides with the budget re-release though :)