EMI VS. GF 25 Jun, 2001, 22:33 / 3 comments

In an article hosted on The World of Monkey Island Phillip Hooks and Paul Creasy compare EMI to Grim Fandango, a contrast lovingly refered to as Big Monkey Head vs. Land of the Dead.
Here's a snippet:

"The first point I would like to make is about the control system. Some say that EMI was a big evolution from GF, but I disagree on some accounts. I think that the fact that item names did not appear at the bottom of the screen in GF is not necessarily a devolution from EMI because this control system means that you look around more and do not take any innocent-looking areas of the screen for granted."

Check the whole thing out here


  • Zaarin on 26 Jun, 2001, 02:10…
    But wasn't Saving Private Ryan the sequel to ET?
  • QueZTone on 26 Jun, 2001, 08:48…
    hahaha :D
  • Glottis on 26 Jun, 2001, 01:58…
    Its hard to compare these two games, for in many ways they are actaully very different. Just because they look very close to each other and were made by the same company is no reason to say that are similar games. That would be like comparing ET and Saving Private Ryan because they were both made by Steven Spieldberg. Otherwise I think the article is very well done and makes some interesting points.