EGM: "New publisher for Psychonauts?" 21 Jul, 2004, 17:38 / 0 comments

Though everyone has sort of assumed and/or hoped for the best, the fate of Tim Schafer's new game Psychonauts, has been a bit unknown since their original publisher, Microsoft Game Studios, dropped the game four months ago. Are things looking up?

According to hosted site Tim Fandango, the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (on page 21) says that Psychonauts may in fact have found a publisher, and may possibly be set to be released in February 2005. If true (cross your fingers), this is great news. Any sort of "new publisher" or "not dead" news is good to hear.

Even if it's in no way a confirmation of the new publisher rumors, it's pretty encouraging that Double Fine has been on a hiring binge lately, with three new employees and another three new listings on their jobs page.