Drop what you're doing and listen to Tim talk for an hour 15 Mar, 2016 / 1 comment

The folks behind Kotaku's Split Screen podcast paid a visit to Double Fine's studio to gab with Tim about the remaster of Day of the Tentacle (reminder: March 22nd!) and various other things Double Fine. A text excerpt is available, if you're ridiculous. If you're not, go listen to the hour-long conversation.

Toward the end Tim gets asked a question many of us had, which is whether Double Fine has plans to pursue additional remasters after Full Throttle. His take is that the other LEC adventures should only get restored by their respective project leaders. But since Double Fine has established the all-important relationship with Disney, I'm thinking any Moriarty or Fox or Clark or Stemmle or Ackley or Ahern who might be interested may want to start by reaching out to the two-headed baby. Won't you, guys? For Mojo?

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    Kolzig on 23 Mar, 2016, 05:49…
    It would be beyond amazing to get the original band back together even if for just to remaster all the original Lucasarts classics.

    I just hope they leave Monkey 4 to rot in hell.

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