DoubleFine's website gets retired 21 Feb, 2020 / 1 comment

If you try to visit DoubleFine's website today, you'll be shocked to discover that you can't! In its place is a farewell message from the website itself. The dear old thing is going to wherever websites go when they die (

You might wonder why they didn't just secretly work on a lovely new website and switch them over when it was done. You might wonder if Microsoft decreed that their old website wasn't Microsoft-y enough and demanded it be taken down immediately. You might also wonder why we're even reporting on such things.

So never let it be said that Mojo doesn't make you think, even when scraping the barrel for news! #foodforthought

Source: DoubleFine


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    Bad Asp! on 21 Feb, 2020, 23:20…
    I just went there today. Apparently there's supposed to be work on a new and improved version of the site in progress. I can't wait to see it!

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