DoubleFine Update 30 Jul, 2002, 20:29 / 6 comments

Tim Schafer has update DoubleFine Productions' website with lots of... words! Like these:
The other point that I am making on accident is this: With the increased frequency of postings, the quality is going to go WAY down. From the very low mark it already set for itself. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sheer volume of it all.
Check out the site for the full update.


  • DasJan on 31 Jul, 2002, 05:28…
    What live is achieved
    when its destiny
    is to be squeezed
    the death to see.

    Oh you poor mouses
    what is your meaning
    when even your spouse's
    death is appealing
    to those evil programmers
    and their rodental D-Day.
    And then those devilish shammers
    want to sell you on eBay!

    Oh you poor creatures
    why don't those ignorants
    see your good features
    or use deodorants.
  • Kingzjester on 31 Jul, 2002, 15:10…
    I'm speechless... No really, I'm blinking in awe... Mouth ajar... Sadly, it is not in iambic pentameter...
  • DasJan on 01 Aug, 2002, 07:38…
    Iambic pentameter sounds sooo dull!
  • twifkak on 01 Aug, 2002, 08:18…
    Sadly, it doesn't fit any meter. Still funny though :)
  • DasJan on 01 Aug, 2002, 09:22…
    Thanks. It's DasJan's special iambodactylic oligometer. Belive me.
  • twifkak on 31 Jul, 2002, 05:53…
    I think I'm going to cry!

    Oh, nope. False alarm.

    "real actual news"? why does he toy with us so?

    on the upside, though, i'm going to get to see the words Action News in italics every day this week!