Double Fine's request for THQ bankruptcy filings is probably a non-story 13 Jan, 2013 / 4 comments

You may know that publisher THQ filed for bankruptcy last month, and it seems that their individual assets are soon to go up for auction.

Among the studios that have requested THQ's bankruptcy filings, implying an interest in the Company of Heroes publisher's properties, is none other than Double Fine Productions. This helpful paragraph from Gamespot's coverage of this development explains why you probably don't need to get too intrigued:

A Double Fine representative told GameSpot, "Double Fine owns the full intellectual property rights to Costume Quest and Stacking. However, THQ retains certain limited distribution rights that have not expired yet, and we are exploring our options with respect to those."

So there you go. Double Fine is just trying to gobble up specific distribution rights to two games it already owns as long as THQ is being stripped for parts. That or Tim really wants to make a Saints Row game.


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    Melancholick on 17 Jan, 2013, 04:46…
    Ayah, I know, I'm just being a facetious bastard about the fact that "Grubbins on Ice" went out of its way to leave its ending so open to further expansions and sequels, only for the fanbase to wind up being heartbroken by a lack of any plans for an actual continuation of the franchise.

    Hope. It burns hot, dirty, and eternal.

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    Jennifer on 16 Jan, 2013, 14:13…


    On the newspost: THQ publishes WWE-games. A Double Fine wrestling game would be heavenly. Make it happen!

    Somehow I can't picture a Double Fine WWE game. Now a lucha libre style wrestling game on the other hand...
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    AlfredJ on 15 Jan, 2013, 11:09…
    I didn't even know that DF ignoring Costume Quest was a thing. It comes up regularly on their podcast (with Tim Schafer even mentioning that a sequel would be cool on - I think - the Middle Manager podcast), it's often mentioned and featured on the Adventure documentary, and it got a lot of attention during the recent Amnesia Fortnight. They even put out the original prototype of Costume Quest for everyone who donated something during that.

    On the newspost: THQ publishes WWE-games. A Double Fine wrestling game would be heavenly. Make it happen!
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    Melancholick on 14 Jan, 2013, 01:08…
    Hey, DF acknowledged that Costume Quest exists! I feel like Christmas either came three weeks late, or forty-nine weeks early...

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