Double Fine staffer does his banana! 02 Mar, 2012 / 5 comments

With banana peeling skills like these, you know they'll make a great adventure game!

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    Jennifer on 03 Mar, 2012, 12:33…
    I usually just poke my fingernail in the middle and peel it lengthways.
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    Alex IDV on 03 Mar, 2012, 12:22…
    Every teacher I had for my first five years in school told us about this "new, revolutionized" way of opening bananas multiple times. Mom and dad did so, too. And grandma too, I think.

    I've still never peeled them this way. It feels backwards.
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    Kroms on 03 Mar, 2012, 12:15…
    I believe that this is the way monkeys peel bananas.
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    custard on 03 Mar, 2012, 10:16…
    Chris Jones, creator of AGS, taught me this many years ago.
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    Shmargin on 03 Mar, 2012, 04:46…
    This has revolutionized my consumption of fruit.

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