Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Returns 04 Apr, 2017 / 5 comments

Update: The Results are in!

The two fan picks are The Gods Must Be Hungry, led by Asif Siddiky, and Darwin's Dinner, led by Devin Kelly-Sneed.

The Double Fine team's pick was Kiln, led by Derek Brand. Tim Schafer's pick was I Have No Idea What I'm Doing, led by Zak McClendon. The latter title is a VR party game, so you'll need a VR headset to play it.

All three community games are going to be developed. The main game is Pongball, conceptualized by Kjell "lightsoda" Iwarson and led by Josh "Cheeseness" Bush. This one will get guidance by the Double Fine team. The other two are The Lost Dev Team, conceptualized by Anemone and led by Jennifer "Jenni" McMurray, and Amnesia Adventure, conceptualized by Ben "TimeGentlemen" Ward of Size Five Games, and led by Jennifer "Jenni" McMurray and Eivind "flesk" Nilsbakken.

Join in on the fun of developing the community prototypes by posting at the Double Fine forums.

Original story: Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight has returned for a third go-around of pitches for public consumption.

There's a huge range of prototypes to choose from this year, so go take a look at the pitch videos and make your choice. If you buy the bundle at $5, you'll get prototypes from previous Amnesia Fortnights, and if you buy it at $15, you'll get previous Amnesia fortnight prototypes that have been made into full games!

The community developed Amnesia Fortnight also returns this year. This year, you can choose between three pitches, and then you can join in on the development or just watch it as it happens. You can see the video below (you might notice a familiar name on the pitch for the third prototype :P). Feel free to vote for whichever one you like most over at the Double Fine forum.


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    Javier Tolstoi on 17 Apr, 2017, 21:17…
    I like these markers on the title screen. Look useful. Always looking for good markers...
    This is a great project. Most companies ain't so integrating.
    By the way:
    You could put on a voting poll for this project.
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    Kolzig on 11 Apr, 2017, 11:09…
    Hah, just like last Amnesia Fortnight, I forgot to go to Humble Bundle to vote in time for the choices.
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    Jennifer on 09 Apr, 2017, 14:55…


    Is that a monkey wrench or a turkey bone there?

    It's a turkey leg with a bite taken out of it. :)
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    counting_pine on 08 Apr, 2017, 19:26…
    Is that a monkey wrench or a turkey bone there?
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    Remi on 06 Apr, 2017, 03:46…
    Hah, the third pitch actually would get my vote, too.

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