Double Fine Adventure... now with even more rewardy goodness! 10 Mar, 2012 / 3 comments

In what's likely to be the final update before the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Campaign ends on Tuesday 13 March, Tim Schafer has announced several additional rewards for backers of the game.

$100 pledges will now get the following additional rewards:

  • A "Collector's Edition" of the game in an Old Skool Cardboard Box™, just like a real adventure game!
  • A neato "Double Fine Adventure" t-shirt.
  • Both of which are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Plus the existing rewards: Your name in the game's credits, a "Double Fine Adventure" poster (suitable for framing), and a DVD/Bluray of the finished documentary... all of which are also exclusive to the Kickstarter Campaign (well, not the documentary).

    And, of course, $100 backers also get all the previous reward tiers, too:

  • A PDF version of the book of the game (with artwork, scripts, secrets, and more).
  • The game soundtrack.
  • Documentary soundtrack.
  • Exclusive access to the Beta on Steam.
  • Access to the video series, and access the private discussion community.
  • *pant*
  • In short: It seems Double Fine would like you to consider $100 to be the coolest amount to donate...

    Unless of course you've got $500, in which case they'd like to let you know that Tim is personally signing all copies of the Hardcover version of the book.

    With only 60 hours left to donate, now is the time to help make history!


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      Rapp Scallion on 12 Mar, 2012, 15:38…
      And we're over $2,8 million, 32 hours to go. Will be exciting to see how close to $3 million they'll get in the end.
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      Lagomorph on 11 Mar, 2012, 14:17…
      Wow! I'm really glad I donated a $110,-! Looks like it's the amount that pays off the most in relation to the money. :)
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      Jones Jr on 11 Mar, 2012, 12:48…
      I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about that $100 level... Not anymore! SOLD!!
      (+$10 p&p)
      Looks like $2.7M should happen realtively soon.
      Wonder if they'll crack $2.8M by the end of it.....?

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