Disney reportedly reminds Lucasfilm that they exist for one purpose 23 Mar, 2023 / 1 comment

Statements by Bob Iger and Kevin Feige last month sent the signal that Disney has sailed past the honeymoon phase of torching kajillions of dollars at a time on streaming content, and they will consequently be rolling back their production of Star Wars programming for Disney Plus to a mere surfeit.

It hardly needs to be said aloud that a belt-tightening policy of somewhat-less Star Wars at Lucasfilm means an absolute banishment of anything else. Historically, Lucasfilm has never required having Disney as a parent company to satisfy that expectation all by its lonesome, but it’s been an unusual last few years in this regard between the ill-fated revival of Willow on Disney Plus and an incoming finale for Indiana Jones that was said to be spawning a live action television project on the same service. Well, about that:

I’d be telling quite the whopper if I acted like I lament whatever that Indy show was gonna be, but Mojo’s memory is long enough to recognize that this strategy of Daring To Consider A Slate Consisting Of Half A Percent Of Not-Star Wars Before Abruptly Coming To Our Senses is…well, a classic.

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    TheSeg on 23 Mar, 2023, 22:26…
    What LucasFilm told LucasArts in 2004 is what Disney is telling LucasFilm in 2023. Do I have that right?

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