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Mojo's back! It's a Festivus miracle!

Some Star Wars Battlefront Online concept art from Slant Six leaked this month. Because canceling Battlefront III wasn't enough, apparently.

News about cut scenes from Return of the Jedi also came out: Three female fighter pilots were dropped from the Battle of Endor.

In Episode VII news, both Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor said they would both like to come back to reprise their roles as Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi, respectively. More likely Ian McKellen would take over Obi-Wan just because he seems to play every old wise mentor character nowadays. There was also a leak supposedly revealing plot details about the movie, but this was later proven incorrect.

And for those still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, there's good news! After a year of being online, EA has a new expansion pack for you to buy called "Rise of the Hutt Cartel". It almost feels reminiscent of Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption with its whole "third party vying for control of the galaxy" scheme (except, this time, the Hutts). Those who order before January 7 will get to access it three days early and those who are subscribers will get 50% off the $19.99 price tag.

(Bonus: This is just cool.)


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    Melancholick on 26 Dec, 2012, 19:43…
    The unfinished footage of the "Granny A-Wing Pilot" is included in the "bits and bobs" section of the RotJ Blu-Ray, and it's absolutely hilarious. The poor gal obviously has no clue what the hell she's supposed to be doing in the context of the scene, and shrieks her lines while the director rapid-fires off cues from some unseen part of the soundstage.

    So, I think that was less an issue with sexism and more a problem with someone deciding to get their Aunt Mary a paycheck for a few hours' worth of work.
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    Jones Jr on 23 Dec, 2012, 22:46…
    Welcome back (again) Mojo - we missed you!

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