Dear journal 12 Dec, 2008, 20:38 / 1 comment

Awhile back The Pumpkin Post noticed the existence of, an official online version of Baroness Von Kiefer’s journal, a text alluded to in A Vampyre Story in the Castle Warg library. The site will apparently be updated regularly, as some more material has recently been added (click on the top right of the screen to turn the page).

This is a really cool backstory supplement to the game, and feels akin to the kind of extras you used to find when opening an adventure game fifteen years ago. It reminds me a lot in particular of Henry Sr.'s Grail Diary that game packaged with Last Crusade. Do keep an eye on it!


  • PirateKingChris on 13 Dec, 2008, 06:31…
    Sweeet. I'll read that once I've played the game which I finally got today!!!