Dan talks Wii on IGN 20 Sep, 2006, 19:28 / 1 comments

Check out this new interview with Dan Connors up on IGN. Dan discusses the hot topic of late, Sam & Max's potential on the Wii. He clarifies the status of talks for a Wii port (very preliminary) and in general gives some interesting answers about the Wii and adventure games. Take them in.

More on Telltale and the Wii at Shacknews.

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  • elTee on 20 Sep, 2006, 21:37…
    "One way the Wii controller could be used would be to make the player mimic the action they're doing in the game. This could make the game feel more immersive without necessarily requiring reflexes or quick actions to do it."

    That's a really interesting idea - I mean, imagine you need to 'shake' an item in-game. On SCUMM it would be "use item" or something, or in later variations "*hand* item". With the Wii you could just point the controller at the item and shake your hand.

    Of course it wouldn't work for all puzzles :D