Dan Connors steps down, is CEO no more 14 Sep, 2017 / 8 comments

So here's one I didn't see coming, probably because I wasn't looking: Dan Connors is following in co-founder Kevin Bruner's footsteps, right out the door from his current CEO seat. Bruner resigned a few months ago, with Connors stepping in to temporarily (as I just learned) fill the position. He will now stay on as an "advisor", much like when he stepped down the last time, in 2015.

The new president and CEO is Pete Hawley, the former GM and a senior VP at Zynga.

What does it all mean? Who knows, but with Zynga's reputation -- their Wikipedia page reads like a crime blotter -- my head isn't exactly spinning with excitement.

Godspeed, Dan!

Update: I assumed you would know we were talking about Telltale here, but as Twitter is ABLAZE pointing out the omission… well, now you know!

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    hierohero on 21 Sep, 2017, 08:10…
    Telltale was dan and Kevin's company so it's very odd that they are gone.
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    Jones Jr on 18 Sep, 2017, 12:36…
    Doesn't look like they have got around to updating their own website about this yet.
    That nitpicking aside, I have a bad feeling about this...
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    Remi on 18 Sep, 2017, 00:38…


    I will say that I had to look to the icon next to the headline to be sure we were talking about TTG..

    Three out of three updates mucked up!

    (I hate myself.)
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    Scummbuddy on 18 Sep, 2017, 00:26…
    I will say that I had to look to the icon next to the headline to be sure we were talking about TTG.

    And if this is the guy who was the notorious guy behind Zynga telling his employees to copy all app games in a scorched earth mentality, then I am done with Telltale Games.
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    manny_c44 on 16 Sep, 2017, 00:32…
    On the surface it looks like a curious self-destruction, but I guess they all lined their pockets nicely.
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    jp-30 on 16 Sep, 2017, 00:19…
    So, is anyone left at Telltale at all (outside of an "advisory" role) from the original LucasArts spinoff founding days?
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    Rum_Rogers on 15 Sep, 2017, 13:27…
    Beginning of the end for Telltale.
    Oh joy!
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    Nor Treblig on 15 Sep, 2017, 00:34…
    In case someone's wondering: This is about Telltale Games.

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